Aneta Szylak

Aneta Szylak is the foun­der and the first direc­tor of Wyspa Insti­tute of Art (2004−2014) and the Cen­tre for Con­tem­po­rary Art Łaź­nia (1998−2001); cur­ren­tly, pre­si­dent and arti­stic direc­tor of Alterna­tiva Foun­da­tion and Director’s Ple­ni­po­ten­tiary for esta­bli­shing Museum of Modern Art within the Natio­nal Museum in Gdańsk.


Szy­łak is an author and arti­stic direc­tor of Inter­na­tio­nal Festi­val of Visual Arts Alter­na­tiva. She has cura­ted (indi­vi­du­ally and col­la­bo­ra­ti­vely) exhi­bi­tions like: 2014 Eve­ry­day­ness, 2014 Hito Stey­erl: Abs­tract, 2014 Oli­ver Res­sler: Pili­ti­cal Visions – The World Anew, 2013 The Field is to the Sky, Only Bac­kward, 2012 Mate­ria­lity, 2012 Buil­dings and Rem­nants, 2011 Labour and Leisure, 2010 — 2011 Estran­ge­ment, 2005 Dockwat­chers, 2004 Museums Palimp­sest, 2004 BHP, 2003 Archi­tec­ture of Gen­der. She co-authored publi­ca­tion ‘The Cura­to­rial. A Phi­lo­so­phy of Cura­ting’ (2013). Szy­łak has lec­tu­red at Bard Col­lege, New School, Queens Col­lage and NYU among others. She wor­ked as a visi­ting fel­low rese­ar­cher at Aca­demy of Arts in Mainz and Uni­ver­sity of Copen­ha­gen. Cur­ren­tly she is pre­pa­ring her PhD the­sis Cura­ting Con­text. The Palimp­sest on the Quoti­dian and the Cura­to­rialunder Cura­to­rial Know­ledge pro­gramme at the Gold­smi­ths Col­lege Lon­don and Uni­ver­sity of Copen­ha­gen. Szy­łak is acti­vely enga­ged with pre­se­rva­tion of post-industrial heri­tage in Gdańsk.





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